Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Invoking the Healthy Divine Masculine Energy today.

 Today I experienced a big inner shift and healing (from a guided affirmation meditation) and it raised me up into a vibration where I was finally able to acknowledge that about three weeks ago I came face-to-face with some toxic masculine bullshit. The kind of bullshit wounded sabotaging toxic masculinity that takes beautiful energy like love or joy and has to tear it down because toxic people love to feel justified to put their darkness in the light.

Now, I too have had many years in my life where I was the toxic feminine energy in the room. I know what it’s like to subconsciously curse the world and be the dumb bitch who people had to go to therapy about. So I can’t judge too harshly when I see toxic bullshit coming out. All I know is I have moved on from toxic to a healthier higher version of me.

So I’ll just assume that my personal situation with this dysfunctional toxic man-child of a person was some kind of last karmic debt paid to the old days of my wounded bullshit. I have finally reached a point where I can leave this person and what they represent in the past. Today is a new life for me. 

I lit this candle and have the King of The Unicorns card to activate soul energy around the healthy Divine Masculine energy within me. If you have been dealing with toxic masculinity then message me and I’ll give you a free mini oracle card reading on the situation. If you have leveled up and are representing the healthy Divine masculine turn contact me and I’ll give you a mini thank you unicorn reading. 

Have a healthy Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energy day ☀️🥳🤩😚

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

4:30 AM Sacred Space


I woke up at 3:30 AM full of energy and I was guided to search up Karen Kay, the creator of a fairy deck and mermaid deck.  I really love how she holds a space for the elements to play with us muggle brings. I’m coming out of a mini ascension cycle and it seems that I am going to be grounding my cosmic star seed energy with the fairy and mermaid energies now.  

What do I wish I could create if I could snap my fingers and have instant gratification: I would manifest a much bigger water fountain for my balcony so that I could have a mermaid space. I would buy all the jewelry from the craft stores and walk around my town looking like some kind of goddess priestess.  I would spend a weekend putting all my mystery spiritual bags together. I would buy more mermaid statues. And more candles. 

I would buy more goddess statues too. Because lately the goddesses of love, light, healing peace, and beauty have been doing everything with me. 

I’ll end this post at 4:44. 
Love light and peace my Divine Friends. 

Monday, September 28, 2020

Selfie time: My jewelry is making a come back.


Angel Oracle Message: Clear, Cancel, and Release


Angel Guide Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray

All you have to do is tell your Divine Self that you want to be cleared of all the collective negative energy and limited mass consciousness beliefs.  Then drink water because this will trigger an energetic detox.  Then tell your Divine Self to anchor your Divine Self consciousness into your subconscious mind.

Also your angels are guiding you to healers on the planet whose life purpose is to "super hyper clear" all the lower vibrations in your frequency.

Friday, September 25, 2020

Daily Angel Card Message: Your healing power is becoming stronger.

Decks:  Crystal Medicine Oracle, The Angel Guide Oracle, Daily Crystal Inspiration Cards

Divine Self please delete out of my subconscious mind:
The fear of confrontation,
of being assertive and having strong boundaries,
all the times I followed my intuition and it led to some kind of loss,
Delete the disconnect between me and my intuition,
delete my 3D mind,
delete all denial and effects of denial,
and delete all obsessive thinking patterns.

This subconscious clearing will clear trust issues with your soul level intuition.  Your guides will bring Divine Self consciousness in that will activate the healer mind.  You may find yourself being drawn to learning more about nature medicines like flower essences, crystals, herbs, and sage clearing. This download will also activate understanding of how to clear astral energy.  

Your archangelic guides are acknowledging the increased inner work that you are doing.  This inner healing will create shifts and mini ascension downloads that will allow them to connect with you more easily and in more tangible ways.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Angel Power Wisdom Cards Message: Time Out

This card came up for someone else yesterday but it's such a beautiful card and message so I thought I would share it.

Time Out
"Take time for a much needed break and relax."

I see a Reiki healing when I look at this card so the Reiki healers out there might need to take some time out to give themselves some much needed self care.

I see guilt needing to be cleared out of people who suffer from inner anxiety over being stuck in life.

I see flower essences and salt water baths as a way to clear collective energies from the chakras.

Affirm that Divine Timing is activated.

Friday, July 3, 2020

Money, and the Law of Attraction Cards message for Water Signs.

1.  I am developing the skill to direct my thoughts...
2.  Appreciation and Gratitude are different vibrational states...

Abundance Angel Message:  Power of Prayer
Give this situation to God (Source) for uplifting and healing, and be open to miracles.  Heaven's unlimited resources, love, and answers are awaiting your prayers.  Be sure to act upon the Divine guidance God gives to you in response to your prayers.

OK so the first card is about understanding that rather then spending time dwelling on understanding what is going on, it benefits you more to stay mentally clear and focused on what it is that you want in the situation that is unfolding.  It is a skill to be able to train your mind to quickly evaluate what is going on (or not going on) and then quickly come to a conclusion of what you most want.  

The second card is point blank saying that gratitude carries a hint of struggle in the frequency.  Aim for appreciation.  Being able to appreciate something for what it is and leave it at that is an energy that can shift you to a more Source filled frequency.  I recently heard a person say that she could appreciate pettiness when it was done in the right way.  I had to agree with her.  

When I put these two cards together I see Abraham telling us to flow with the energy of appreciation.  If we apply this to the angel card we have a message of "say prayers or appreciation rather then prayers of worry."  

Have fun with this,
Jackie G 369


Money, and the Law of Attraction Cards message for Earth Signs.

Money, and the Law of Attraction Cards

1.  I do not need to have money to attract money...
2. It is not my role to make others happy...

Abundance angel message:  Your career path is leading you in a higher direction, with positive changes to support your dreams, priorities, passions, and life purpose.  Trust that these changes will help you release the old and welcome the new.  You are being supported each step of the way!

 We do not need to have money in order to attract or create money.  The subconscious belief we need to clear is the idea that we want to make (or have) more money so that we can give it the people around us.  We need to stop making the people around us the reason why we are doing what we do.  Be bold and say, "I want all this success, money, opportunity, and help because that is what I want."  This card signals an inner realization that activates our abundance magnets.

We're not trying to make anyone anything.  We just focusing on being our best selves and if we inspire someone into being their best self then that is great.  

The Employment Change card means that some inner direction is going to be activated and all of a sudden we are going to have a spark of motivation to take a specific action step to turn our focus around.  For some this means that we are affirming that we are ready to leave the "living from paycheck to paycheck mentality" and become open minded to the consciousness that can create a "I have more then enough and more then I need" kind of lifestyle.
Specifically we need to cut back on things that fall under retail therapy.  

Overall this is a prosperity consciousness shift into a more heart centered space, one where we are building genuine inner joy at being alive and letting that joy draw to us the people, places, and things that will help us create success along the way.

Be Bold,
Jackie G. 369