Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Angel Power Wisdom Cards Message: Time Out

This card came up for someone else yesterday but it's such a beautiful card and message so I thought I would share it.

Time Out
"Take time for a much needed break and relax."

I see a Reiki healing when I look at this card so the Reiki healers out there might need to take some time out to give themselves some much needed self care.

I see guilt needing to be cleared out of people who suffer from inner anxiety over being stuck in life.

I see flower essences and salt water baths as a way to clear collective energies from the chakras.

Affirm that Divine Timing is activated.

Friday, July 3, 2020

Money, and the Law of Attraction Cards message for Water Signs.

1.  I am developing the skill to direct my thoughts...
2.  Appreciation and Gratitude are different vibrational states...

Abundance Angel Message:  Power of Prayer
Give this situation to God (Source) for uplifting and healing, and be open to miracles.  Heaven's unlimited resources, love, and answers are awaiting your prayers.  Be sure to act upon the Divine guidance God gives to you in response to your prayers.

OK so the first card is about understanding that rather then spending time dwelling on understanding what is going on, it benefits you more to stay mentally clear and focused on what it is that you want in the situation that is unfolding.  It is a skill to be able to train your mind to quickly evaluate what is going on (or not going on) and then quickly come to a conclusion of what you most want.  

The second card is point blank saying that gratitude carries a hint of struggle in the frequency.  Aim for appreciation.  Being able to appreciate something for what it is and leave it at that is an energy that can shift you to a more Source filled frequency.  I recently heard a person say that she could appreciate pettiness when it was done in the right way.  I had to agree with her.  

When I put these two cards together I see Abraham telling us to flow with the energy of appreciation.  If we apply this to the angel card we have a message of "say prayers or appreciation rather then prayers of worry."  

Have fun with this,
Jackie G 369


Money, and the Law of Attraction Cards message for Earth Signs.

Money, and the Law of Attraction Cards

1.  I do not need to have money to attract money...
2. It is not my role to make others happy...

Abundance angel message:  Your career path is leading you in a higher direction, with positive changes to support your dreams, priorities, passions, and life purpose.  Trust that these changes will help you release the old and welcome the new.  You are being supported each step of the way!

 We do not need to have money in order to attract or create money.  The subconscious belief we need to clear is the idea that we want to make (or have) more money so that we can give it the people around us.  We need to stop making the people around us the reason why we are doing what we do.  Be bold and say, "I want all this success, money, opportunity, and help because that is what I want."  This card signals an inner realization that activates our abundance magnets.

We're not trying to make anyone anything.  We just focusing on being our best selves and if we inspire someone into being their best self then that is great.  

The Employment Change card means that some inner direction is going to be activated and all of a sudden we are going to have a spark of motivation to take a specific action step to turn our focus around.  For some this means that we are affirming that we are ready to leave the "living from paycheck to paycheck mentality" and become open minded to the consciousness that can create a "I have more then enough and more then I need" kind of lifestyle.
Specifically we need to cut back on things that fall under retail therapy.  

Overall this is a prosperity consciousness shift into a more heart centered space, one where we are building genuine inner joy at being alive and letting that joy draw to us the people, places, and things that will help us create success along the way.

Be Bold,
Jackie G. 369

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Angel Power Wisdom Cards deck message: Forgiveness and Gratitude.

This deck is pretty amazing.  I like how the pictures are vertical and horizontal.  It's a great angel deck.

OK Forgiveness says, "Forgiveness is the first step in letting go of hurt and emotional pain; it heals only you."
There are some good symbols here: the angel is above the clouds so she can clearly see the full moon and the stars.  It makes me feel like emotional cleansing helps us to express and accept all our spectrum of feelings rather then try and only feel positive all the time.  The full moon would suggest that it is time to examine what the deeper pattern of a painful situation is.  For example, maybe the pain has to do with someone specific but deep down this person is really showing you that an old pattern of abandonment or victim-hood is still active in your vibration.

I think that is why the Gratitude card is coming up.  It says, "Pray for what you need, but be grateful for what you have already received."  To me this goes back to that spectrum of feelings.  You feel hurt, you feel angry, you feel grateful though for the good times and the chance to shift something inside of yourself.  You probably say things like, "I learned a lesson here and for that I am glad."

I feel like the angels are saying it is time to express rather then repress.  Hand it over to Source and if you get guidance to take some action steps then give it a try.  Ask your angels to heal the inner child pattern that this situation is connected to.  Children often feel punished when the adult is simply trying to guide them into a healthier lifestyle, like eating salads instead of cake.  Letting people do whatever they want isn't always the wisest thing nor does it co-create their highest good.  Boundaries seems to be a theme here.  It's possible this is a time to clear some co-dependent behavior.

In the end it's about letting go of those heavy emotions so that you can rise up and feel light hearted again.  Ask for what you need but be grateful for the lesson learned.

I really like this deck and I look forward to sharing it more with everyone in the future.
Jackie G 369

Tea time

Stay hydrated.
Fun fact: Jackie G's name in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is 

Stay Hydrated,
Jackie G 369

Buddhism Reading Cards Message for my Buddha Lightworkers: Cultivating Determination.

Determination is the tenth virtue.  

"It is you who must make the effort.  The master only points the way." Buddha

Determination is a soul quality but it doesn't necessarily mean "efforting."  It's more of a state of mind of "I'll stay committed to this course of action because of the long term goal I'm in the process of creating."

This is also different then being on auto pilot.
It's not about wasting energy.  One can be on a diet for ten years and never lose weight.  Or being in the process of building prosperity consciousness but never create abundance.  Wise determination is when we stop and assess if our energy is actually doing what we are intending for it to do.

Remember that in the Buddhist way the earth world is ruled by Mara, whose job is to make us believe that our illusions are the truth so that we keep wasting our time and energy.  Your life force is priceless.  It's like the gas in the car.  If our deluded ego selves are driving the car then it's just a waste of gas at the end of the day.  If your Higher Self is driving the car then you will actually get somewhere at the end of the day.  You'll actually be able to go to where you are supposed to be.

So for today let us affirm that our Source Self is activated and the one in charge of where our life force should be going and what it should be creating right now.  Let us be determined to be conscious and clear in our bodies, hearts, minds, and souls.

I bless us all with enlightenment,
Jackie G 369

Monday, June 29, 2020

Oracle Card Message for the Divine Masculines: Admit you waited too long to say the words you needed to say.

Starseed Oracle Cards, Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards

The Wait card:  It's not yet time.  Things are being woven.
Messenger card:  Sirius Energy.  Bringing harmony and balance.
Lady Portia card: Divine Order.  Do what you feel is right.  An important lesson is unfolding.

OK so when I put this all together for the DM's I see that someone was being guided by there Higher Self to say something, words that come from deep within the heart so it would have made you feel vulnerable.  I see that these words, this message, this communication was held back because the person was rationalizing, "What's the point in saying this?  I'm just going to feel like a fool."  

By not letting your heart communicate what the inner message was Lady Portia, the ascended violet flame master guide, was drawn in to clear the obstacles to this mess.

It's ironic because on the surface nothing has happened because nothing was said.  No communication happened.  The message was some kind of truth that needed to be expressed.  It needed to be said out loud in order to change some karmic energy or activate some archetype.  So nothing happened and something was supposed to happen and it would have been activated by whatever the heart felt words were.

The Divine Masculine is supposed to be learning that truth needs to be spoken.  Stop holding it in and hold it back.
The communication still needs to happen.  Once you say the thing, or have the conversation, forgiveness can be expressed and feelings can be shared and love can bloom again.

With Lady Portia this is about getting things unstuck on a heart level.  The emotions need to be flowing like water.  It's the unspoken words from the heart that are causing the block.  So to unblock the flow you have to use your words.  It's almost like a Mercury Retrograde kind of energy where we go back to the past and say what we need to say and then jump back into the present moment with a little less baggage.  It's not even about the lost opportunity anymore.  It's about speaking the truth so that everyone can move forward.  I feel for some this is an apology, for others this is a raw honest conversation that is about feeling very mixed up and lost inside, and for others this is about giving someone the validation that Yes the feelings were real, no it wasn't a game.

Deep Breaths,
Use your words,
Jackie G 369

Oracle Message for a depressed starseed lightworker.

Starseed Oracle Cards

The Forge, Don't Follow card shows that we are feeling emotional and mental burn-out from trying to be one emotion instead of making space for the other emotions to come up and come out.  Logically we know that we are multi-dimensional and that as we shift into more wellness the old repressed emotions need to come up and to be acknowledged and released.  This is why we need spiritual life coaches, mentors, healers, and wise one's in out lives so that they can hold the space for us.  Humanity tries to put themselves into a small box, one size fits all, cookie cutter, track home kind of situation but....sigh.

For those who are really in tune with themselves, they already have a support system in place to turn to for that extra emotional support.  I applaud you if you have a therapist (or someone like that) in your life already.

The Breath of the Cosmos card literally talks about admitting that it's time for a Divine Surrender.  It's time to tell the ego self that there are Divine Plans that we can trust in to unfold without us having to be involved.  The only thing we need to do is just be honest with ourselves about what is rising up from within right now.  The overwhelm of not knowing how to "fix it" can cause depression.  I see functional depression when I see these cards.  A spiritual life coach, reiki healer, or therapist can hold the space for you to process these feelings and move into Divine Surrender.

Keepers of the Light Oracle, Work Your Light Oracle Cards

To show you that your requests for Divine Help are being heard I pulled a light guide card and Hilarion came up.  He comes in with that strong heart chakra energy and brings the message that Source can see your devotion, your wishes for a deeper connection, your prayers for a higher love.  If you call on Hilarion and allow him to come into your aura you can absorb that beautiful green light into your heart.  

When he was incarnate he was known for being in the time of the first wave of Christian mystics.  He was close to Saint Anthony of Egypt.  They say his heartfelt love for people gave him the ability to heal others at a distance with his prayers.  When he comes in as a guide it is to give us the love, light, and healing energy that we want to be giving to others.  He teaches us to sit back and receive.

What I see here is that we have a very loving high level light guide who understands the challenges of feeling like we should be doing more with our time, energy, and resources.  But Hilarion was able to be of service to people at a distance because he knew that he wasn't the one doing the actual work.  I believe that he is with us as a guide right now to help us remember that we don't have to do anything other then sit back and receive the love, light, inspiration, and peace from our Source Selves.  Learn how to rest and be still until you sense the true download of being called to take action.

I feel better.  I hope that you felt the shift,
Jackie G. 369

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Oracle Card Message for a Leo: What are you going to focus on?

Crystal Mandala Oracle, Messages from Your Spirit Guides Oracle, Angel Prayers Oracle

This intuitively goes out to Leo Signs or if you feel called to the title.

"I call upon the Crystal Angel of Malachite and Archangel Raphael who love me unconditionally.  Thank you for the Divine Healing gift of grace for the grand gesture.  May I be blessed by grace to know exactly how, what, and when to express my grand gesture of trust and faith to the Universe.  May I listen to my heart and trust in the truth it shows me, knowing it is the voice of the Divine that speaks through my heart, helping me in all ways.  May all beings, ready to take the leap of faith, be encouraged by love and supported by grace. Through unconditional love, divine mercy, and my own free will, so be it."

This card is giving me Fool Card vibes.  It's almost like the Universe is going to give you a test to see if the shifts you've been making will stick.  So if something comes up and it's an unexpected traditional 3D annoying situation it may actually be a test from your guides to see if you have grown.  Your grand gesture would be like giving forgiveness and letting the issue go even though the old you knows you would be justified to be angry or whatever.  Or something comes up and you keep your cool even though your whole day goes out the window.

Your angel cards both talk about focusing on the positive.  You understand that you can choose to see reality any way you want to see it.  Maybe that's what the test will be about.  How would you choose to see it?

Hope this helps,
Jackie G.