Saturday, June 13, 2020

Oracle Card Reading for Abundance

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A lot of lightworkers are going to cringe at hearing that their families are not the obstacles to their life purpose manifesting to the next three levels.  Our families are where we can practice our lightworker skills.  My daughter, who was born with special needs and communication issues, was my main person who I practiced my Reiki skills on every day for many many years.  It was because of her that I was able to build my energy working muscles.  Loving your friends and family is where you practice building whatever form your light work takes.  Lightworkers are all about balance, harmony, and well being so it is with our families that we can practice building our truthing skills and build our ability to become educated in boundaries, releasing traumas, speaking honestly, and holding our spiritual ground without giving our power away.  It's not easy but maintaining your true self in the midst of dysfunctional people will only serve to make you stronger.  So start by blessing your family and friends with love, work on letting go of needing them to be different then what they are, and work on yourself instead.  

From the Divine Feminine consciousness we see that your light being guides want you to ask, "What is the essence of what it is that I would use all this money I want for?"  If money would give you the essence of freedom and ease then ask your light being guides to bring you the forms of freedom and ease.  They can bring you so many more forms for the essence you request rather then the specific form that you would ask for.  If being a millionaire means that you can have fun shopping sprees then just ask for "unlimited fun shopping sprees."  They can start to bring you those now.  

I see a lot of Archangel Michael energy too in that card with blue light healing the chakra so that we become more comfortable with expressing our needs to ourselves, talking to the Universe, and being in the knowing that all the answers to our questions are coming forth from the Divine Mind into our conscious awareness.  

The Trust Carnation card shows that there is an energy block of trust.  Clearing this energy block will open up more abundance energy into your life.  There's a basic lack of trust with people, humanity, God, Source, the Universe.  This sub-personality inside of you is holding a space of distrust in everyone and everything and it would be good to own it that this is the part of you that waits to be disappointed and let down.  So we need to clear this sub-personality and let it be dissolved energetically in Divine White Light so that you can build up a new sub-personality that believes in the good things.  This new part of you will also hold the view that people are human and a lot of the things that we judge others for we have done ourselves though we choose not to think about that.

And the Words of Abundance card literally says:
"You have the ability to instantly manifest abundance by choosing powerfully positive words.  Always describe your own and the world's economic situation in loving and optimistic terms, and that is what you attract for yourself and others."

I see this is where Archangel Michael would be using that Divine Blue Light to clear your throat chakra so that the power of your Divine Word can become stronger.
Invoke soul communication.  Ask your light being guides to lead you to speakers who embody what having awakened throat chakras sounds like.

Have fun with your manifestations,
Love and Light, 
Jackie G.

Sunday, June 7, 2020

An Angel Card Message for if you feel like life is blocking your purpose....

I woke up with the thought to post this. 
I hope it finds who it is meant for.
Since I was guided to use this deck this message could be for the earth angels out there.

First we need to confront and clear the collective beliefs that we are blocked or damaged and at some kind of disadvantage.  Take back your personal power and choose what it is that you want to believe about yourself and your life.  For me, I choose to believe "That may be true for you but those rules don't apply to me."  This perspective has gotten me out of a lot of low level situations that were cropping up around me in my life due to other people's issues.  

The Life Review card is represented by Archangel Jeremial, who tends to come in when our issue (energy block) is stemming from some old unresolved hurt or angry feelings that we have been repressing.  This combo shows that by taking back our personal power, first mentally and then emotionally, we may trigger an energy detox because on a subliminal level we are choosing to let go of something that we need to let go of.  And remember that there are levels and layers to "letting go."  As you peel the layers back you'll eventually get down to the seed thought that needs to be shifted.

After the energy detox happens you will know that a true clearing has happened because something in your physical life will shift.  True inner change creates real outer change.  You may find yourself having more energy then usual, sleeping better, or feel more optimistic about yourself.  

The Angel Therapy card shows that Archangel Raphael is helping you with this clearing on all levels.  This is basically a "go to therapy" message where you actually get some real professional counseling about whatever it is that you are shifting up and out of you.  Because remember taking your personal back started with identifying a blocked mental belief (which could be from the collective), rooting the seed thought out, and planting a new higher belief that you have chosen to be the new magnet thought.  Affirmations are good for finding new thoughts that you want to adopt as clear and powerful beliefs.

What I also see is that you have a habit of trying to do the inner work on your own and it's time to understand that professionals are there for a reason.  They can get you the results you can't get for yourself.  So this could totally mean that you are being guided to get a reiki healing, or some kind of energy work, or real therapy, or a life coaching session, because I can tell that you are tired of feeling like you fail at the whole "I can do this on my own" game that you play with yourself.  Hi Arrogant Ego, how are ya?

And here is Jeremiel showing up again.  To me this card shows that you can create a real emotional and mental magnetic shift if you open up to letting a professional help you out.  I feel that some of you have about 5-10 mental beliefs that can be cleared out together if you get the help you need.  The beliefs like, "I can't afford this.  I don't know where to look.  I don't know what to ask for.  I don't know what I need.  It's too hard.  I can't find what I am looking for.  It never works out."  Stuff like that.  There's a bunch of beliefs like that, that is why you need someone to help you shift it all the way out.  It's a bit much to sort out 5-10 negative collective beliefs at the same time.

Here's a tip: your light guides will constantly change how you can clear out collective negative mass consciousness.  They may tell you to start with affirmations, then go and fast, then go and eat, then go and clean, then go and buy more stuff, then talk to this person, then stop talking to that one, and if you can't follow their flow then you're gonna get stuck on one step and start wondering why the praying in the shower isn't clearing your chakras anymore, or the praying in the car isn't creating Divine Flow anymore, or whatever.

OK so there you go.  Whatever the block is it starts with clearing it out of the mind.  Then find someone to help you with the emotional part of the clearing.
Then you'll see real change happen in your physical life.

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Take care,
Be nice to yourself,
Jackie g.

Friday, May 22, 2020

Isis Oracle Deck: Goddess Oracle Message: You were a starseed priest or priestess in a past life.

Isis Oracle by Alana Fairchild

Abundance of Sothis:  Stellar Blessings of the Celestial Goddess of Abundance
"Abundance in many forms is flowing to you now, beloved.  Intend right now to receive it.  Just decide to do so in your heart this very moment.  The Oracle of the Abundance of Sothis comes as guidance to expect increased flow and to continue your good works of building channels through which abundance can be delivered to you.  Freely share your talents, love, wisdom, and Self and enjoy the abundance responsively flowing to you, in many forms, over and over again."

Scales of Balance:  Ancient Tantra Of The Soul
"You are a Tantrika, an initiate on the Path of Divine Healing of the Masculine and Feminine, the two sacred polarities that are universal to human experience.  As these energies come into mutual respect and balance, you attain great power, presence, and healing effect in the world of the Soul and in the human world of forms here on this Earth.  You are supported in further exploring this path now, under the auspices and blessings of beloved Isis."

When I look at these cards I see good karma coming back around to you.  I see spiritual light coming into a form that can help you to have your needs met.
I feel like this could be showing past life training, maybe on other planets, where you were initiated into some higher consciousness "law of attraction/spiritual manifestation" kinds of teachings.  I feel like deep inside you understand that concept of the spiritual law of Divine Reflection.  You know that you are both masculine and feminine energy and that those energies are consciousness.  So with these cards you already know that you are one with Source and Source is unlimited abundance and light manifesting.  You know that you are an unlimited being.  You know how to tap into the never ending stream of unlimited blessings that are coming from Source.

This deck is so deep.

Have a good day with all the endless blessings,
Jackie G

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New Moon in Gemini: Moonology Oracle Card: Communication is Key.


Communication is key.
The new moon helps us to create a blank slate.  It's a time when we can say, "This is a new moment.  It's a new day.  Yesterday can stay in the past.  I can learn from my mistakes and try again.  I can give myself a second chance to communicate it the way it should have been the first time around.

On the spiritual level this means taking time to meditate or increase the amount of time that you are spending in prayer, invocation, affirmations, and decrees.

On the mental level this means taking time to examine the kinds of beliefs a person would have to have in order to be in the kinds of problems that you are in. Example, if you're creating the opposite of a calm mind you might realize that there is an inner belief that says, "I am supposed to figure it all out."  You can transform that belief into something like, "I connect with the Divine Mind which holds the solutions to all my problems."

On the emotional level this means taking time to examine the kinds of feelings that you would have to be feeling in order to have the kinds of connections that you have. If you look around and think, "I want more friends.  I want more connection.  But I am alone."  You might think about what you would have to believe in order to create being alone in spite of wanting to meet more soul tribe people.  You might hold a belief that putting yourself out there for people makes you feel too vulnerable.  You might come to see that your emotional boundaries might need to be less rigid.  You might realize that you don't allow people to get close to you because that is the way you emotionally protect yourself.  You can then transform that belief into something more expanded such as, "I am open to re-learning what healthy boundaries are because healthy boundaries will allow me to connect with people without being afraid of getting hurt."  You might explore why you hold the fear of being hurt at all.  You might trace it back to a person that is no longer in your life.  You might decide to let that old fear go and stop subconsciously projecting that onto future people.

On a physical level the new moon always encourages us to look around at our living spaces and see how to de-clutter.  Often people receive intuitive feng shui ideas about what colors they need to add into their space, what things to let go of, and what furniture to rearrange.  You might become inspired to try a new vitamin or add something to your diet to give your body a boost of nutrition and exercise.

The ways that we can create a fresh start is so inspiring. With the New Moon in Gemini you may find the collective is wanting to have more light hearted conversations.  Lightworkers who are always doing shadow work may find that it is fun to enjoy what is going right.  Social media connections may surprise you.  Unexpected people may pop up into your life with the most random kinds of topics to share.  

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Happy New Moon,
Have fun with your communications,
Jackie G.

Saturday, May 16, 2020

For Earth Signs: 5D Love Message: The frequencies didn't match because this person was a poser.

The Judgement card is showing light coming down from each dimension and it seems to diminish a little bit more with each step down it has to go through. Intuitively I feel like this is showing how Divine Mercy and good karma can go a long way in softening a tough situation to be in.  On the flip side it could also show how the Love coming from Source starts off so strong and it is our own barriers and walls of protection that seem to cause the love to weaken as it has to push though.

The ladybug is the earth sign here and we have someone with very bright light energy.  This light comes across as someone who is meant to be someone in this world, a successful person. Someone who has strong prosperity consciousness.  This earth sign is very much about affirming being in the Divine Flow of life.  Worry may be something that this person struggles with and that is why they have to be persistent with a spiritual routine where they bring their mind back to the present moment.  This is someone who has learned how to focus on what they want rather then what is going on.  This person is also learning how to feel good about who they are in the present moment, understanding that who they were in the past is not who they are now, that they are always flowing with inner change, and learning how to be one's own best friend, one's own soulmate.  This earth sign likes to hang out in the 5D (and higher dimensions) and only wants relationships where everyone involved, everyone who is touched by it, feels uplifted or inspired somehow. That is how this person knows they are in the right kind of connection.  This person has been in situations and relationships where it wasn't good for anyone involved, it was a drag on the people who had to watch the dysfunction play out, and where in the end no one benefited from it.  I think that is why this Ladybug person finds it so important to be in the higher dimensions.  They want the kind of relationships where everyone who is touched by it will be uplifted somehow.

The person represented by Coyote is kind of the opposite of Ladybug.  Not taking anything seriously or personally is a way to diminish one's own bad manners or lack of dysfunction.  So this is the kind of person who wants the fun times but not the work that is required.  If they never take anything seriously then they don't have to deal with the fact that Ladybug person is a genuine gem of a soul and the kind of person they can learn and evolve with.  Coyote person is more about paying attention to what other person are doing (or not doing) then to turn that awareness onto themselves and see the weaknesses in their own ego personality. I feel the person represented by Coyote likes to play that they can see deep though, like into the subconscious and understanding psychological terms.  Coyote person also has a hard time spotting a cycle and understanding how to break it or shift out of it.  So this is the kid of person who gets stuck in a relationship, a feeling, a belief, or a habit and tells themselves that they don't know how to change.  That they need someone to rescue them.  Or they probably just repress all these feelings and then do something self sabotaging like ghost the Ladybug person rather then communicate what is going on inside of their spirit.  I get the sense that Coyote person is very much influenced by the moon phases and other astrological placements (like the retrogrades) because they are more of a 3D person.  But they play like they are 5D.

Since this reading is for the earth sign (the ladybug energy) what I would say is you are the real deal because you really are a higher consciousness kind of person.  You aren't afraid to dive deep into subconscious patterns, mass consciousness conditioning, karmic cycles, and honest self awareness.  The law of attraction protects you because you know that anything that cannot genuinely match your frequency won't be able to materialize in your world.  Coyote person seems to be playing a "wolf in sheep's clothing" kind of game.  They want to be able to tell you that they are on your level and I think they may mirror you a lot.  And yet the truth is still the truth.  The proof is in the fruit that the tree bears.  If this coyote was trying to be a fruit bearing tree then he/she was trying to seem like they could make apples when really what they produced were lemons.

The Judgement card shows there is a diminishing of something so if this Coyote person isn't draining your light then you are draining their self esteem from them trying to keep up with the appearance of being like you. What I suspect is that this connection could have been an odd couple kind of thing if the Coyote person was willing to view you not just as a lover but a teacher, someone they could learn from.  They could has learned how to be a better person from being around you.  And you could have learned more earth school street smarts I think.  I'm getting a very Aladdin and Princess Jasmin kind of vibe.  Jasmin could have learned how to be an ordinary person living an ordinary life and loving it.  I think Coyote was trying to get away from being ordinary though.  I think when Coyote saw you they were hoping your success would rub off on them or spill into their life, yet they were subconsciously upset they they couldn't give you what you were able to give to yourself.  That's where the ego comes in.  Deep down they may have felt threatened by your soul light.

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Friday, May 15, 2020

Timeless Spiritual Message: Vintage Wisdom Oracle Message: It's time to realign.

The cards are from the Vintage Wisdom Oracle deck and they are so beautiful.
When I look at these cards I see someone who has good self awareness and she/he has decided to go to Source with the issues.  She/he clarifies to Source what the new intentions are and clears their spiritual energy of worry, fear, stress, and doubt.  This is someone who has spent too much time learning about the law of attraction to be able to stay stewing in low frequency energy.

The lightening of spiritual burdens leads to the clearing of the connection to the Divine Mind, where all solutions are waiting to be downloaded.  Ballerinas are symbols to me of hard work, commitment, dedication, a lifetime spent in the studio, of hard work and making it look easy and effortless.  Balance is hard, it's a lifestyle choice, but it's work because so much in life is just naturally imbalanced.

Playfulness means that true surrender has happened.  Let God figure it out.  We can turn our attention to taking a break, watching a movie, turning our attention to something that is not about work. So the imbalance was the mass consciousness attitude that work is supposed to be hard and that we are running out of time.  

We are not running out of time.  
We are all about working smarter not harder.
We are alchemists so we can turn straw into gold.  We can change this situation with God's help.
Part of our life purpose is to enjoy life.
If you can't do that then choose one day a week to enjoy and build from there.

Have a great day.
Schedule a play date with a 5D friend.


Rose Quartz Power

Clear Quartz Cluster Crystal Power.

For Fire Signs: A 5D Love Message: You bring freedom and they bring stability. It's a good blend.

Decks used: Spirit of the Animal Oracle, Magdaline Oracle, and Louise Hay Heart Thoughts Cards

The Goose card is the one representing the Fire Sign here.  So we have Goose meaning that the Fire Sign person is being called to travel or you're the one who has to go the distance or make the move.  You are a brave traveler so for your spirit it is more of an adventure to go distances.  Like you probably wouldn't have an issue with driving 45 minutes to go to some restaurant.  Your soul knows the way, your soul knows where you are supposed to be headed.  Abraham Hicks says that if we are really listening to our soul voice we would know that our soul doesn't tell us to do the same thing day after day.  That's because the people we are meant to know are all over the place so the soul will prompt us to go here and there and everywhere in an effort to get us all to cross paths.  Have confidence and affirm that you are always in the right place at the right time with the right people.
Be confident you will achieve your destination.  Affirm that you love being you, that you follow your inner wisdom, and that wherever you go and whomever you meet you will find your own love and your own highest good waiting for you.
Loyal friends are always with you (on the 5D for sure they are with you in spirit.)  The reason you are being asked by Spirit to be the one who has to go the distance to this other person is that you are supposed to be learning how to enjoy the physical and symbolic journey.  Don't worry, you are blessed.  Soulmates provide us with experiences to face our own fears.  Look for ways to strengthen your connection to the universe and others.  Stay peaceful and calm in the knowing of who you are.  Loving yourself unconditionally means accepting what is.  Affirm, "In loving myself, I help create a world where it is safe for us to love each other."  So let yourself fly.  Let yourself be free to go where you are being guided to be.  Don't be afraid to allow this person represented by Elephant to blend with your energy and change your life.  There could be a fear of losing yourself in this person somehow, like in the way they think, in the way they live their life.  This person may have some habits that would be good for you to adopt but your 3D ego self would view that (By the way, Spirit is telling you to go to this Elephant spirit person.)  So affirm that "I flow with life and that I am on an every changing journey.  My life is never stuck or static or stale for each moment is new and fresh."

Now the Elephant spirit person, this person is a great anchor of light and 5D consciousness.  What does your soul want you to know about this person?  Love is their strength, so that means they know that they are free to say no if something isn't good for them.  They know how to use their own mind to figure out what is right for them and they trust themselves to make the right decisions even if it's a decision that their 3D ego self doesn't want to make. Leadership is their path.  They are not a follower but they know how to hold their own and blend in a group however even in a group they probably stand out as someone who is not afraid to speak up and take action.  This person has learned how to affirm, "I love and accept myself exactly as I am."  So even if they talk about their wounds or "what is wrong" deep down inside their spirit guides them to heal these wounds by building the consciousness of self love, self respect, and self esteem.  Their wisdom inspires everyone they meet.  Their light really shines.  They may not fully realize just how bright their inner light shines.  It's because they know that their light is Source's light and that energy is limitless.  They make it look easy to achieve the goals they set for themselves.  That's because they aren't afraid to do to the work.  Because of that their income is always increasing in very unlimited ways.  If they don't trust what they are creating though then the blocks pop up.  They really have to trust that what they are doing is the right thing.  As long as they know that then they won't create resistance in a relationship.

Now the 5D card there is Co-Creation and this means that you two really are meant to create something together.  What I see is that both of you hold the idea that you are supposed to figure everything out on your own and create what you need by yourself.  This connection is about learning how to co-create something together.  Just remember that thought is only a thought and it can be changed.  (Thank you Louise Hay for that comforting affirmation.)  Affirm that changes are easy to make and that you are willing to shift with the change.  The Universe will bring you whatever you need. 

So Goose person, love where you are right now on all the levels of your multi-dimensional self.  Use your sensitivity to know when to act.  Connect your heart to your head to figure out what you would life to do.  Your soul would like for you to connect with this Elephant person.  Remember that you are a loving and joyful person.  You are multi-talented and complex.  Affirm that the first change you make is to release all thoughts and vibrations of confusion, chaos, disharmony, disrespect, or distrust.  They are eliminated from your consciousness completely.  You can heal yourself on every level.  This Elephant person knows how to create a healing atmosphere.  With this person the energy peace will surround you.

So what can you say to this Elephant person to get them to open their energy to you?  Tell them that every step of the process counts and you want to take it slow. Tell them that as you start to get filled up with more wonderful high vibe energy you will be able to shift all the areas of your life.  They them you are learning how to express yourself in ever  increasing positive ways.  

That should get their attention.

OK Fires
Have a good day,
Love yourself and the elephant people in your life.
They are anchors so they know how to be steady and stable.
You are meant to fly around and be on the go.  It's a good balance.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Timeless Spiritual Message: Living Reiki Healing Cards: The Small Things Are Really The Signs.

I really like this because it's true.  The small things going right can make a great day like all green lights, being given a free soda in the drive through because they accidentally made an extra one, when the person you were missing calls you (not texts), when the kids are happy, when you go through the whole day without a mood swing, when the dysfunctional toxic family member doesn't bother you (just totally unbothered), when you get over the person who cheated on you and find someone better, when you realize that you're still choosing to be the best you in spite of it all, when money shows up to cover the extra bills.....

Little acts of kindness that add up into a connection you can trust.
When someone decides to trust you because you always choose to be trustworthy.
When you don't even think about karma but something happens that makes people say, "That's good karma!"

Or like someone makes it easy to get to know them.  No games.
That's awesome when that happens.  Or like when you meet a hot guy and he tells you he likes thick spiritual women.  Like OK!

Or like when you come across a song that you love so much that you just want to listen to it until it's fused with your subconscious mind.

There are so many things that can go right.  The potential is there for everything.
I'd rather have 1 trillion small things go right then have one big thing happen. I'm gonna start telling the Universe that.  I want 1 trillion little acts of kindness and laughter and abundance and love so that every day gets better and the surprises just keep coming.

Love You,
Jackie G.

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