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11/21/18 Daily Reading from the Osho Zen Tarot: A karmic thing is done.

Osho Zen Tarot OK lets do this. We've got three majors and one minor who may or may not be you. It looks like we are having to go back into the past in order to revisit what went wrong, how we were trapped and manipulated, and how that abuse brought on emotional and mental trauma. Because we are lightworkers we always knew that we were loved by Source, that God is Good, that everything happens for a higher reason, that good comes out of bad.  All through the "bad thing" we knew that God wanted for us to be happy, free, alive, living life, manifesting our Divine Purpose, healing and healed.   The trauma shows up as us having gotten through the tough time.  We actually aren't in the "bad times" anymore but it's like all the drama took it's toll.  We need to recover way more then we realized.  The damage went deeper then we had known.  We are not the people that we used to be.  There may be anxiety over inner instability because we s