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Butterfly Power: Making a small change into a lightstyle shift.

I tried going for a walk today around a lake and there were so many baby strollers, toddlers who took up the whole double sidewalk just with their one foot tall selves, and people with dogs that I ended up quitting the walk about 5 minutes in.  I went across the street and walked back home and I happened to catch this little gem along the way.  Hope you enjoy the little video. The Secret Language Of Animals Oracle Cards The butterfly is a symbol of our soul transforming.  It's a sign that we are becoming who we really are.  Every journey, or process, has phases and we should make note of what part of the cycle are we in.  Are you at the beginning, the middle, the end, or the rebirth? This also can be a sign that your challenge is changing you from the inside out.  It may feel like you are dying but you are turning into someone new.  Like when you lose 50 pounds.  You become more confident.  No one can take that success away from you.  It's something you earn

Progress means moving forward. Create a reality that is better then the fantasy.

Self Care Cards Sometimes we think we are moving forward and we do things that trick us into believing that we really are.  But sometimes the proof is in the results, not the processes. I listen to a lot of life coaches on Youtube because I am a spiritual life coach and I like to observe the different topics and styles of the mentors out there.  By the way, the upgraded 5D version of a toxic friend is an awakened mentor.  I decided to make a list of all the toxic people in my life and then actively look for coaches and mentors to replace them with.  Then at least I could say that the good people outnumbered the ones who only bring bullsh@t to the table.  The rapper (and business man) 50 Cent says, "If you're the smartest one in your group then you're stupid." Think about that for a second...or a minute until you get it.  If you aren't around people that you are learning from then how smart can you really be?  There are so many people out there who know

1/11/20 Lightworker Oracle Card Invocation for Fire Signs: First Ray of Power AKA Conscious Destruction.

Lightworker Oracle Deck by Alana Fairchild First Ray of Power Invocation from the booklet: "I now accept of my own free will, the blessing and grace of the First Ray of Power in my life.  Through unconditional love and Divine Mercy, I surrender my life into the loving hands of the Universe to align me with higher will and the most beautiful expression of my life journey.  I call upon the loving assistance of the Ascended Master El Morya in all aspects of this process and ask that the First Ray of Power be expressed in ways that serve the highest good on this planet, that all beings may walk their Divine path.  Through Divine Grace so be it." If you were to light a candle and say this invocation it could act as a magnet to draw in a true letting go from the past so that you can create a future with a clean fresh slate.  It brings in conscious destruction of whatever limited beliefs have been bringing resistance to a more unlimited life path.

1/11/20 Lightworker Oracle Card Invocation for Water Signs: Paradigm Shift

Lightworker Oracle Deck by Alana Fairchild Invocation from booklet: "Through Divine Grace and unconditional love, I open my mind to the higher truth of love.  May my mind be cleansed of conditioning and gently opened to the light of love.  I am willing to unlearn what no longer serves me.  I am willing to receive teachings and information, guidance and assistance from those beings of pure light and unconditional love that can assist me on my life journey now.  May my paradigm shift bring me closer to peace, love, empowerment, and happiness.  May this process be held in guardianship by the Universe, with grace, mercy, and tenderness.  Through my own free will, so be it." If you wanted to light a candle and say this I think it would be a great little seed of manifestation that could grow into big life and identity changes.

Lets Be In The Flow Of Abundance

Ascension Oracle Cards Lets be in the flow of abundance together because we are not trying to go into 2020 broke.

1/1/20 Chakra Reading Cards: Rebirth And Balance

Chakra Reading Cards  Happy New Year! 2020 is going to be so great. OK do we have here? Blend earth star chakra energy with root chakra energy and you get a vibrational shift where you leave more of the past in the past because you understand that you can create a different kind of future which will create a different lifestyle. On a basic level this is the sudden realization of how to take baby steps towards a new daily habit that will energetically open other kinds of opportunities in the future.   The earth star chakra is about creating Heaven on Earth kinds of situations.  For example, in my version of what Heaven on Earth is everyone is a vegetarian.  Animals are treated as the sources of unconditional love and service that they are capable of being.  In my personal daily life I can start looking for one or two ways to step up how I help the animal kingdom.  Maybe I decide to start donating supplies to a local non-profit for animals.  Maybe I start a reiki