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10/24/18: My Mission Is To Learn How To Enjoy The Journey

The spiritual message coming to me lately is to Enjoy. Enjoy as much as you can while you are alive. Learn to enjoy the journey. Learn how to spend more time enjoying things in your daily routine. Learn how to enjoy food, water, clean air, good health, a good meditation, a good nap, time with loved ones. You'd be surprised at how much I didn't enjoy being alive. Enjoying things and people means being more in the present moment. It means learning how to slow down. Do you know why Julia Roberts had so much fun cooking?  Because she drank wine while she did it. She found a way to take something as boring and energy consuming as grocery shopping, getting recipes, preparing all the ingredients, and then cooking the one meal and enjoying it.   Most people never learn how to insert "enjoying" into the situation. Do you know what trips me up?  All my bitterness and anger over the past. Family interaction seems to keep the old wounds open.