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An Angel Card Message for if you feel like life is blocking your purpose....

I woke up with the thought to post this.  I hope it finds who it is meant for. Since I was guided to use this deck this message could be for the earth angels out there. First we need to confront and clear the collective beliefs that we are blocked or damaged and at some kind of disadvantage.  Take back your personal power and choose what it is that you want to believe about yourself and your life.  For me, I choose to believe "That may be true for you but those rules don't apply to me."  This perspective has gotten me out of a lot of low level situations that were cropping up around me in my life due to other people's issues.   The Life Review card is represented by Archangel Jeremial, who tends to come in when our issue (energy block) is stemming from some old unresolved hurt or angry feelings that we have been repressing.  This combo shows that by taking back our personal power, first mentally and then emotionally, we may trigger an energy detox because on a sublimi