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Monday, June 15, 2020

Oracle Card Message for Collective Anxiety

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The picture came out so washed with light that I take it as a sign that we are more surrounded by our Light Being Guides then we had thought.  

The Courageous Peony card has the keywords: multifaceted, unique nature.  Let yourself be seen.  This is a time on the planet when people are taking the opportunity to show their true colors, to show what they really believe, and what we really don't believe.  From a higher perspective this is a time when we can drop the pretenses and finally come out of whatever metaphorical closet society told us to be in.  On a mass scale people are letting their real feelings and real thoughts be known.  That's not a bad thing.  It's a freeing thing.
This card points out that nature doesn't bloom according to who is going to walk by.  The flowers don't choose not to bloom if the "unwanted person" is the one who walks by.  Nature blooms because that is what it feels called to do.  This is a time when people are giving themselves the green light to do what they feel called to do.

The Whale and Orca Elders card has the keywords:  Share your song.  Frequency of sound.  Diving deep.  It's a very beautiful card which also saying that we can choose to take the opportunity to let our true feelings and beliefs be known.  This card would suggest we take time to think about what our "message" is that we may have been repressing for a long time.  To me this also means that when we connect with other people who have similar messages to express we can ride a wave of conscious expression rather then societal pressured expression.

If you're reading this then most likely your soul message is something about understanding that this life is a school.  It's a place to learn and teach simultaneously.  Things that are hard to learn challenge us to grow and find a way through it.  Eventually your intention to consciously be a high vibrational frequency in whatever dimension we are existing in will still be there in spite of the challenges.

On the other side of anxiety there are light beings who are guides to us.  The seraphim angels, saints, and holy ascended masters are all with us.  All we have to do is tune into them rather then what is being shown on the news.  Let the light dimensions of Source be the thing that hooks your attention.  What if you saw on the news every single person who is quietly enlightened and awakened beaming love light and peace?  How fast would you rise up to that?  It's there even if you can't see it because the media believes people only believe what they see.  We believe what we feel.  You can feel better if you use your brow chakra to visualize the realm of Source that is completely unbothered by what is happening here on Earth.  They are unbothered because they know we already have the solutions we claim we are looking for.

This is a moment in time where we can come clean with what we really believe.  Take time to meditate on what it is that you really believe at the highest frequency you can be aware of. Then be like nature and grow because it is what you are being called to do.

Have a good present moment,
Jackie G.