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Archangel Animal Oracle Cards: Sheep, Ant, and Tiger

Diana Cooper is really good at making starseed oracle decks.  According to her channeled material a lot of the animals here are from other star systems.   Sheep card says, "Act with fortitude and co-operation."  Archangel Gabriel and his twin flame Hope bring in the angelic energy with this message.  In this oracle deck Sheep come from the Pleiades (a highly healing star system) and being pack animals means that their world service work is amplified by working in groups.  I feel this card brings the pain of having been connected to a dysfunctional family system.  There is hurt around giving up what you wanted in order for other members to feel OK or have it their way.   With the Ant Card, it says co-operate for the highest good of the community, and the angelic energy is coming through Archangel Preminilek.  Ants energetically come from the ascended aspect of Sirius, which brings in sacred geometry as a way to create balance and harmony.  I feel this card, it's very simil