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4/17/19 Wisdom of the Oracle message for fire signs: A Lesson Of Balance

Wisdom of the Oracle Deck It looks like you are being tested to be more conscious of where you want to put your time, energy, and attention.  Someone with the Orphan archetype may trigger the part of you that wants to jump in and rescue them. The lesson here is to reframe how you view the people around you.  If someone has a victim consciousness or a life circumstance where you find yourself feeling empathy (or sorry) for them then take a step back and ask yourself what your Higher Self is directing you to do. Pull your energy back and tell yourself to start looking at them as being capable of doing what they need to do.  Give them encouragement to hang in there and give the support that you feel the most comfortable to give.  What you're breaking through is a pattern where you get thrown out of balance because of some person around you who feels like they need you to rescue them. It's OK to give support.  Give yourself the freedom to give in a way that feel