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Crystal Reading Cards Message for Lightworker Scorpio: Tanzanite, Tiger Eye, and Clear Courage

Crystal Reading Cards Tanzanite is coming with the violet flame straight to your brow chakra.  I almost feel like you're so wanting to be diamond crystal clear that you're kind of missing some very obvious signs or clues.  For example, if you are wondering about how someone feels about you then you are like, "OK just tell me the black and white truth Universe.  I should drop these people shouldn't I?"  And it's like the Universe isn't going to tell you to abandon people and ghost people, you know?  The Universe is going tell you to work on forgiveness, acceptance, self love, wisdom, patience, being your true self, finding out how to increase your self love, stuff like that.  But you're like, "I should cut ties with everyone and everything, right?" Hold on while I take a deep breath and sigh to myself. OK and then we have Tiger's Eye coming in and trying to give you some real courage now to actually see what is there as it

Crystal Reading Card Message for Lightworker Cancer: Tiger Eye, Black Obsidian , and Courage

Crystal Reading Cards Your sacral and solar plexus chakras are needing some love, light, and peace.  You may be holding some stress in these areas and it would show up in your life as caring more about how other people are feeling, holding back from connection because you are holding back what you feel and what you want to do.  Instead of being a Peaceful Warrior for yourself you are more comfortable being the Peaceful Warrior for other people.  We need some re-established self respect here. Black Obsidian is coming in with the energy of positive anger to break through the stalemate.  Obsidian is lava so it helps you to find an outlet before the energy gets too pent up and explodes in misplaced anger.  It also dispels negative energy and psychic attack.  My feeling is that you are reacting to something that you are psychically picking up and that it is why it is a hard thing to confront.  If you are getting weird vibes from someone but they are choosing to tell you that eve