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3/26/19 Mermaid Tarot Message for Water Signs: New People Bring New Situations

The Mermaid Tarot, Work Your Light Oracle Cards "Play:  Have fun.  Celebrate.  Don't be so serious." What I see is that you are going to be coming out of a period of doing your own thing and shifting into a period of social connection and doing more self care things.  The 4 of Pentacles can sometimes suggest that we have been isolating and not sharing our resources.  In this deck it shows that someone has been in a state of routine for so long that she still gets ready but she doesn't even think about going anywhere anymore.  It's like being grounded for so long that you forget what it's like to go out and about.  You may feel like you're out of the "friend loop" too where people have stopped inviting you out because you always have to work or you are always busy doing nothing. The Wheel of Fortune card shows that karma has cleared and that is going to be bringing in some new energy, new kindred spirits, new destiny contracts,

3/26/19 Mermaid Tarot Message for Earth Signs: Moving on with or without them.

The Mermaid Tarot, Work Your Light Oracle Cards "Share Your Voice: Come out of the cave.  Persecution.  Expression." The cards are showing that sometimes we make the choice to go our own way rather then do what other people choose to do.  The 5 of Cups is showing that these two aquatic friends are about to part ways because one has made the choice to not go back home.  This is about respecting the choices that have been made.  It's also about respecting that sometimes people want different things. The oracle card Share Your Voice is telling you that this separation may not have happened if you, or the other person, could have simply found the courage to say what was in their heart and on their mind.  It hints to the fact that someone has a hard time saying what they really feel because they don't like confrontation. The Fool card brings the most cosmic energy and the healing of a new beginning, a fresh start, and the freedom to figure out what you

3/26/19 The Mermaid Tarot Message for Fire Signs: The confidence to create something new.

The Mermaid Tarot, Work Your Light Oracle Cards The oracle card says: "The Initiation: Rite of passage.  You're going somewhere sacred.: Interesting that two of the three cards has to do with leaving something or someone, literally walking away, and admitting that something hasn't been working. The Empress card in this deck is like the female version of Poseidon.  She is Yemaya who rules over the oceans.  Very simply this all is saying that you will be stepping back into your power and back into control if you can admit that something has run its course. I get the feeling that you gave a relationship a shot and you hoped for the best but you realize that maybe this is something that is more like a lesson learned rather then a wish fulfilled or an answered prayer. The Initiation card tells us that once you step away from the situation and get a little bit of space you will start to see "red flags", signs, and other bits of insight and revelat