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4/1/19 Teen Angel Oracle Card Message for Water Signs: Mother Nature Heals

Teen Angel Oracle Cards This combo says that you need to hang out more with your loved ones in a natural setting.  I like to walk with my kids around a lake in our neighborhood.  They usually don't want to go but once we get there, literally walking across the street, they start jumping around and running around and the mood shifts instantly.  I share this story to show that we may have to push through some low level inertia to get to the nature place. People need fresh air and nature.  We just do.  I know that nature can bring out the inner child in anyone. The Family Time card speaks on the need to find ways to connect with your loved ones, perhaps in a more public outdoor place where fighting and bad behavior cannot happen.  Sidenote, if this is about a date then meet up somewhere that is outside, safe, and where you all can walk and talk. The Family Time card also highlights the truth that we all chose to be in our families for very specific reasons.  Some o

4/1/19 Teen Angel Oracle Card Message for Air Signs: Stick To Your Daily Spiritual Practice

Teen Angel Oracle Cards This combo says to not give up on your vision board manifestation healing stuff.  When you are able to meditate daily it allows Source to heal, align, and download you with upgraded frequencies.  It takes time for an old vibration to be cleared out along with everything that old vibration is manifesting physically in your material world. In the first card it shows how meditation can light up our energy.  In the second card it shows that new higher frequency is fully anchored and activated.  It takes time so please be patient.  Stick to your daily spiritual practices and you will begin to see more and more of a higher light shining through you. Love Light and Don't Forget To Smell The Roses, Jackie G

4/1/19 Teen Angel Oracle Card Message for Earth Signs: 5D Consciousness Emotional Habits

Teen Angel Oracle Cards  This is about bringing in 5D consciousness habits and routines in order to deal with 3D level bullcrap.   Archangel Azreal brings ways from the 5D level to help deal with grief and loss in the physical world.  Concepts like "we are all connected" and "writing soul letters as a way to energetically communicate" are 5D ways to deal with depression and creating some closure.  The main thing to remember is that your angels are aware of how you are feeling on both lower and higher ego levels and they are supporting you to create high level emotional healing habits so that you won't get emotionally stuck. Love Light And Smell The Roses, Jackie G.

4/1/19 Teen Angel Card Message for Fire Signs: Be Kind To Yourself

Teen Angel Oracle Cards Basically this combo is saying that if you are drained and feeling like you have lost yourself in the daily grind then you are going to take it out on your family.  Family responsibility usually feels like unpaid work and obligation when one is drained. The Kindness card speaks on leaving yourself notes of love and appreciation.  It's a self love technique that actually works really well.  Only you know what you need and you need to give that to yourself.  Give yourself appreciation. The Family card reminds us that we chose our family for a reason.  We all have a higher purpose within our families.  For me, it was to break an ancestral chain of abuse.  That purpose required being abused and standing up for myself and eventually for others in the family.  Sometimes we incarnate into families that have a lot of dysfunction so that we can stop the dysfunction.   When you learn to love yourself you can then give love and appreciation to you