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Crystal Reading Cards Message for Lightworker Scorpio: Tanzanite, Tiger Eye, and Clear Courage

Crystal Reading Cards Tanzanite is coming with the violet flame straight to your brow chakra.  I almost feel like you're so wanting to be diamond crystal clear that you're kind of missing some very obvious signs or clues.  For example, if you are wondering about how someone feels about you then you are like, "OK just tell me the black and white truth Universe.  I should drop these people shouldn't I?"  And it's like the Universe isn't going to tell you to abandon people and ghost people, you know?  The Universe is going tell you to work on forgiveness, acceptance, self love, wisdom, patience, being your true self, finding out how to increase your self love, stuff like that.  But you're like, "I should cut ties with everyone and everything, right?" Hold on while I take a deep breath and sigh to myself. OK and then we have Tiger's Eye coming in and trying to give you some real courage now to actually see what is there as it

Crystal Reading Card for Lightworker Aries: Tanzanite, Prehnite and Clarity with Trust

Crystal Reading Cards. Deck by Rachelle Charman  Tanzanite, Prehnite and Clarity with Trust This is brow chakra healing energy Aries.  You're trying to see something more clearly like how to make more money or see through to the truth of who people are and what they are doing in your life.  You're asking God questions whether you know it or not.  You want some answers. Tanzanite comes as a crystal Divine Friend who is helping you to see things as they are, not as you want then to be or in any other kind of distorted way.  Very basically you are about to see something as it is, with your soul eyes, with your heart, with your mind, and it's going to give you a sense of control. Prehnite wants to open your heart so that you ain't got nothing but love, babe, eight days a week.  You want to trust but you know that your own desires can cloud the vision and you're too enlightened to not call your own self out on that. So you want to trust love a