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Talking To Heaven Mediumship Cards message:Help from the other side to heal our support issues.

Talking to Heaven Mediumship Cards I've been getting this kind of message a lot lately so maybe this is something being healed in the collective.  We have departed loved ones who have been trying to give us more supportive help but we may be missing the signs because we may have habits where we are too independent, or too much in the suffering shadow martyr where the block as to do with not being able to communicate what we need and suffering in silence, or we need to clear some past shame around when we needed help because we messed up and couldn't clean the mess up on our own. Or if you're like me you had people in your life who abused you financially.   All I can say is we have loved ones on the other side who understand what is blocking our blessings or our abundance and if you open up to it you will see the signs that you are receiving spiritual help. My 5D advice would be to say that we can shift our subconscious block to receiving with simple thou