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11/1/18 All Saints Day Reading #4 Saint Sebastian and the Holy Confrontation That You Didn't Want But Oh Well Now It's On

Saints and Mystics Reading Cards Saint Sebastian lived during a time when Christians were persecuted so he had to hide his faith.  Basically he was like a police officer who arrested the Christians but then would sneak into the jail and take care of the prisoner in secret.  Eventually he was discovered, as everything does tend to come to the light, and he was tied to a tree and shot full of arrows.  They shot so many arrows into him that they assumed he was dead because he should have been dead however a woman came to give him a burial and he was still alive.  After he recovered he went and confronted the leader who had tried to have him executed.  He told the leader some truth about his wickedness and the leader had Saint Sebastian clubbed to death and thrown into a sewer.  Another woman came and found his body and buried him. This card brings us to the end of the 4 card series and it really ends with a bang.  In card 1 we have Saint Jude lending us the energy and strength

11/1/18 All Saints Day Reading: Card 3 St. Francis Of Assisi and Keeping It Simple By Being Who You Are

Saints and Mystics Reading Cards Francesco was born into a wealthy Italian family but after becoming a disillusioned soldier he started to have a very clear intimate connection to God (Source) and found real lasting peace by embracing a life of extreme simplicity which lead to an abundance of the quality of humility.   On a sidenote, I have met a couple of people in my life who were genuinely humble souls and they had a profound effect on me.  Whenever I was around these people, the few moments that I would be, I saw more clearly all my inner defensiveness that were born from being around toxic and dysfunctional people.  When I was standing in the energy of real humility I saw that it was a very pure kind of kindness.  Like Unicorn level purity.  And I found that when they would say something nice about me, their words had a way of shooting straight into my heart and I would hear their words in my mind for days and days.  That was the power of their word. There's a te

11/1/18 All Saints Day Card #2: Saint Martin Caballero: Getting Sorted Into The Right House

Saints and Mystics Reading Cards Martin Caballero was a successful high ranking soldier most of his life.  He joined the Roman Army at age 15.  There is a legend surrounding him where Martin cut his clock in half and gave it to a beggar who was freezing and without any clothes.  He had a vision that the beggar was really Jesus in disguise.  The story goes that Martin was called to stop being a soldier and that he wasn't going to fight battles or wars for anyone anymore.  (Lol I like that a lot.)  Basically he was like, "I see now who I work for and the work that I am supposed to be doing." So basically groups kept following him because he seemed to be the kind of person that people felt was a Divine Leader.  He was elected to Bishop even though he didn't want to be in that kind of a role.  He had a big international background and was able to act as a bridge of diplomacy between different regions.   The keywords on this card are "Spiritual Pilgrim

11/1/18 All Saints Day Card #1: Saint Jude: If You Needed An Anchor It Is Coming

Saints and Mystics Reading Cards Today is All Saints Day so lets pull some saint cards. I personally love the saints. Saint Jude is the patron saint of the hopeless and he was one of the twelve apostles of Jesus of Nazareth.  The key words on his card are "Saving Grace" and I know that when people feel like they really need a miracle (because things have been getting worse in spite of all the prayers and good karma) that they turn to Saint Jude.   I suppose the thing to remember is that in order to become spiritually refined the human experience must go through some dark bullshit.  The saints don't generally take the pain, the lesson, or the bullshit away and in their human lives they went through suffering more then the average person.  They can bring blessings that will help us to endure, be patient, find forgiveness, and offer charity even when we are going through our own poverty.  And then every once in a while you do get some kind of a burden being