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3/20/19 Oracle Card Message for Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): Resurrections

Oracle of the Shapeshifter, Messages From The Guides Oracle Cards OK so you have withdrawn your energy, attention, or your entire self from a relationship or a situation because you believe that it's over and done with. Like RIP old life.  However there is a soul contract here that is still in need of being fulfilled.  There's a relationship here that probably will never be over, even when it's over, because the connection transcends this physical world.  The lesson is to learn that sometimes we can't really know even when we know.... Source has me rolling my soul eyes right now with this message.  The last time the Golden Phoenix card showed up for me it was when I had decided that I would never read cards again because I was tired of life being fucked up.  But here I am reading cards and life is still fucked up but IDK I mean I guess my soul contract was that I would be available with my cards to share spiritual messages from the 5D level. OK so in thi