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Oracle Message for a depressed starseed lightworker.

Starseed Oracle Cards The Forge, Don't Follow card shows that we are feeling emotional and mental burn-out from trying to be one emotion instead of making space for the other emotions to come up and come out.  Logically we know that we are multi-dimensional and that as we shift into more wellness the old repressed emotions need to come up and to be acknowledged and released.  This is why we need spiritual life coaches, mentors, healers, and wise one's in out lives so that they can hold the space for us.  Humanity tries to put themselves into a small box, one size fits all, cookie cutter, track home kind of situation but....sigh. For those who are really in tune with themselves, they already have a support system in place to turn to for that extra emotional support.  I applaud you if you have a therapist (or someone like that) in your life already. The Breath of the Cosmos card literally talks about admitting that it's time for a Divine Surrender.  It's time to tell the