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Oracle Card Reading for Abundance

#SoulfulWomanCards #FlowerTherapyOracleCards #AngelsofAbundanceOracleCards #LifePurposeOracleCards A lot of lightworkers are going to cringe at hearing that their families are not the obstacles to their life purpose manifesting to the next three levels.  Our families are where we can practice our lightworker skills.  My daughter, who was born with special needs and communication issues, was my main person who I practiced my Reiki skills on every day for many many years.  It was because of her that I was able to build my energy working muscles.  Loving your friends and family is where you practice building whatever form your light work takes.  Lightworkers are all about balance, harmony, and well being so it is with our families that we can practice building our truthing skills and build our ability to become educated in boundaries, releasing traumas, speaking honestly, and holding our spiritual ground without giving our power away.  It's not easy but maintaining your true self in t