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Oracle Card Message for the Divine Masculines: Admit you waited too long to say the words you needed to say.

Starseed Oracle Cards, Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards The Wait card:  It's not yet time.  Things are being woven. Messenger card:  Sirius Energy.  Bringing harmony and balance. Lady Portia card: Divine Order.  Do what you feel is right.  An important lesson is unfolding. OK so when I put this all together for the DM's I see that someone was being guided by there Higher Self to say something, words that come from deep within the heart so it would have made you feel vulnerable.  I see that these words, this message, this communication was held back because the person was rationalizing, "What's the point in saying this?  I'm just going to feel like a fool."   By not letting your heart communicate what the inner message was Lady Portia, the ascended violet flame master guide, was drawn in to clear the obstacles to this mess. It's ironic because on the surface nothing has happened because nothing was said.  No communication happened.  The message was some ki