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Oracle Card Message for a Leo: What are you going to focus on?

Crystal Mandala Oracle, Messages from Your Spirit Guides Oracle, Angel Prayers Oracle This intuitively goes out to Leo Signs or if you feel called to the title. "I call upon the Crystal Angel of Malachite and Archangel Raphael who love me unconditionally.  Thank you for the Divine Healing gift of grace for the grand gesture.  May I be blessed by grace to know exactly how, what, and when to express my grand gesture of trust and faith to the Universe.  May I listen to my heart and trust in the truth it shows me, knowing it is the voice of the Divine that speaks through my heart, helping me in all ways.  May all beings, ready to take the leap of faith, be encouraged by love and supported by grace. Through unconditional love, divine mercy, and my own free will, so be it." This card is giving me Fool Card vibes.  It's almost like the Universe is going to give you a test to see if the shifts you've been making will stick.  So if something comes up and it's an unexpected