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New Moon in Gemini: Moonology Oracle Card: Communication is Key.

   Communication is key. The new moon helps us to create a blank slate.  It's a time when we can say, "This is a new moment.  It's a new day.  Yesterday can stay in the past.  I can learn from my mistakes and try again.  I can give myself a second chance to communicate it the way it should have been the first time around. On the spiritual level this means taking time to meditate or increase the amount of time that you are spending in prayer, invocation, affirmations, and decrees. On the mental level this means taking time to examine the kinds of beliefs a person would have to have in order to be in the kinds of problems that you are in. Example, if you're creating the opposite of a calm mind you might realize that there is an inner belief that says, "I am supposed to figure it all out."  You can transform that belief into something like, "I connect with the Divine Mind which holds the solutions to all my problems." On the emotional level this means