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Money, and the Law of Attraction Cards message for Water Signs.

1.  I am developing the skill to direct my thoughts... 2.  Appreciation and Gratitude are different vibrational states... Abundance Angel Message:  Power of Prayer Give this situation to God (Source) for uplifting and healing, and be open to miracles.  Heaven's unlimited resources, love, and answers are awaiting your prayers.  Be sure to act upon the Divine guidance God gives to you in response to your prayers. OK so the first card is about understanding that rather then spending time dwelling on understanding what is going on, it benefits you more to stay mentally clear and focused on what it is that you want in the situation that is unfolding.  It is a skill to be able to train your mind to quickly evaluate what is going on (or not going on) and then quickly come to a conclusion of what you most want.   The second card is point blank saying that gratitude carries a hint of struggle in the frequency.  Aim for appreciation.  Being able to appreciate something for what it is and lea

Money, and the Law of Attraction Cards message for Earth Signs.

Money, and the Law of Attraction Cards 1.  I do not need to have money to attract money... 2. It is not my role to make others happy... Abundance angel message:  Your career path is leading you in a higher direction, with positive changes to support your dreams, priorities, passions, and life purpose.  Trust that these changes will help you release the old and welcome the new.  You are being supported each step of the way! -----  We do not need to have money in order to attract or create money.  The subconscious belief we need to clear is the idea that we want to make (or have) more money so that we can give it the people around us.  We need to stop making the people around us the reason why we are doing what we do.  Be bold and say, "I want all this success, money, opportunity, and help because that is what I want."  This card signals an inner realization that activates our abundance magnets. We're not trying to make anyone anything.  We just focusing on being our best s