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Oracle Card Reading for Some Peacefulness

#EnchantedMapOracleCards #WhispersOfTheOceanOracleCards #LouiseHayAffirmationCards This Strength card looks like the kind of strength that comes from yoga.  It's core strength.  It's inner strength.  You may be feeling like your inner strength is reaching a glass ceiling because the kind of support you are looking for isn't in this world.  It comes from your faith and trust connection in your Source Self to co-create the Divine Flow with you.  Sometimes life has a way of killing your spirit.  It just does.  Life happens and you lose faith in everything, you get mad, you get sad, you're out of the Vortex and you don't care.  The good news is that this card is a sign that you are being tested around some life lesson right now.  Do you have enough awareness to know what the lesson is?  If you don't want to have to re-take this course you better start doing the real inner work again.  Back to the basics with creating schedules, routines, budgets, and taking time to