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For Earth Signs: 5D Love Message: The frequencies didn't match because this person was a poser.

The Judgement card is showing light coming down from each dimension and it seems to diminish a little bit more with each step down it has to go through. Intuitively I feel like this is showing how Divine Mercy and good karma can go a long way in softening a tough situation to be in.  On the flip side it could also show how the Love coming from Source starts off so strong and it is our own barriers and walls of protection that seem to cause the love to weaken as it has to push though. The ladybug is the earth sign here and we have someone with very bright light energy.  This light comes across as someone who is meant to be someone in this world, a successful person. Someone who has strong prosperity consciousness.  This earth sign is very much about affirming being in the Divine Flow of life.  Worry may be something that this person struggles with and that is why they have to be persistent with a spiritual routine where they bring their mind back to the present moment.  This is someone

Louise Hay Heart Thoughts: Joy gives me good sleep.

Louise Hay Heart Thoughts Cards It's hard for you to turn your mind off.  Worry drains the life force.  If you are going to be laying there awake then let yourself think and dwell on joyful thoughts.  Joyful thoughts relax the body.