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Lightworker Love Confessional: Stopping the back and forth once and for all.

The Romance Angels Oracle Cards Sigh.   OK so I can sum this up in like two sentences:  You know someone who makes you feel like they are the one and all you can see are the red flags, the reasons why this can't be The One. What are some reasons they can't be the one even though you know deep inside they make you believe in love: 1.  They don't seem to want to talk to you even though all you want to do is listen to them talk to you. 2.  They're in love with other people because they already found someone that they say is their one. 3.  You're too high vibe living in your vortex and they are living in the 3D talking spiritual talk to you like they are almost ready to step up into some 4D consciousness.  Meanwhile you don't even entertain celestial guides that are below a 7D frequency. 4.  You're goal is to create a new system in this world and all they want to do is to ONLY  deal with what is happening right now in front of them. 5.