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3/20/19 Oracle Card Message for Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): Affirm That Change Is Good

Oracle of the Shapeshifters, Messages from The Guides Oracle Cards   OK you're changing and it's causing problems for the people that you are outgrowing.  The Beauty card shows that you may literally have to give something back like a ring or a friendship bracelet or close a joint account that linked you to someone.  By removing the symbols of attachment you can clear the toxic energy that has been building within the relationship or connection. The other card shows that just like a butterfly changes into things that are unrecognizable to the previous cycle, you are becoming unrecognizable to some of the people around you.  The ones who can grow with you will support the changes.  The ones who can't get on board will probably cut ties and leave. Think of someone who was obese but then has the surgery and loses all the weight.  The old friends who enabled the old weight would be uncomfortable around the new friends who support the healthier lifestyle.   W

3/19/19 Oracle Card Message for Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): You Can Feel It In The Air

Messages From The Guides Oracle Cards, Mystical Shaman Oracle Cards Your body is letting you know there are changes to be made or changes are coming because change is in the air my people. Something has been building up and it's getting to a point where it needs to find a release.  You may literally be exercising more, like running a lot lately, in order to release the increase in energy that you are feeling but at some point this exercise is going to turn into some kind of unexpected conversation that is kind of raw and little bit emotionally charged.  Like you thought you were going to say, "Hey!" but it comes out, "WTF is wrong with you?"  So basically you need to get something off your chest with someone. Also some of you have been feeling like you got a defective body.  You can't understand why you struggle with weight or mental health issues.  You feel like your body is something you have to spend a lot of time monitoring and being in c

3/18/19 Oracle Card Message for Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): Be More In Your 3D World.

Spirit Animal Oracle, Messages From The Guides, Angel Prayers Oracle Cards OK so basically you have to remember that humility allows us to admit that we don't know everything even though most of the time we do know everything.  You have an ability to know how something is going to go from beginning to end but even though you know everything you still have to go through it in real life, not in your mind.  So this is about being more in your body and having actual physical experiences. I feel for some this means that you are learning how to take everything that you experience on the mental level and actually drop it down into the physical 3D world.  The guidance is to do more earthy things like literally join groups that meet in person, be more in your body.  If your body is giving you problems that spend more time blessing your physical self and affirming that you are a temple for God to energetically reside in.  Spend time enjoying the planet and getting reconnected wit