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4/4/19 Keepers of the Light Oracle Message for Fire Signs: Horus Is Clearing A Throat Chakra Block

Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards Angel Prayers Oracle Cards "Thank you Angels for helping me to express my inner creator. Thank you Angels for bringing my life into balance. Your thoughts are magnetic and powerful. Miraculous changes are occurring." When I look at these cards I see the message that your angels have been working on releasing an issue that is stemming from your throat chakra.  It seems that you are holding back what you really want to say because your communication would be coming from a very raw emotional energy that you want to have more control over.  This causes you to rehearse in your mind what you would say if you ever did have the courage to have this communication.  You want your words to come from a place that is neutral, factual, calm, and rational not crazy and full of tears and swear words and yelling. Horus comes in as an ascended master guide who is reminding you that your power of visualizing can help you to release t