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4/2/19 Work Your Light Oracle Card for Water Signs: You Don't Have To Be Alone.

Work Your Light Oracle Cards "You are not alone.  Ancient ancestors stand beside you. What is your soul calling you to do?" On one level you need to know that you answered a spiritual lightworker call to come to this planet and help anchor in a higher state of consciousness.  You assist with group 5D consciousness coming into a 3D world. On another level you are dealing with some kind of abandonment issue.  Like someone ran away from a connection and you feel like you got ghosted?  You don't know if they will answer your call if you reach out to find out what happened.  I feel like you are in separation with someone right now but your guidance is to reach out and reconnect.  Reconciliation could be on the scene if you decide to reach out and see how to fix what went wrong.  You don't have to be alone. Love Light Peace, Jackie G