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Jackie's Life: I moved out of my apartment by myself and I feel like a BOSS.

Angel Answers by Radleigh Valentine *This post may contain bad language.  If you can't handle it then go f@@@ yourself. I started my move at the beginning of the corona virus pandemic, the kids had just found out that they weren't going back to school, and it was raining.  Because of the stay-at-home orders I wasn't able to ask for help from friends, mostly because I didn't want anyone to take a chance on getting sick while helping me.   So I moved my kids out first into my mom's house and since she has deep untreated issues I literally had to go back to the house three times a day to make the kids meals and get them situated.  And then distance learning happened and that was a clusterf---.  It still is to be honest.  And for some reason all the kids and my mom developed some sort of separation anxiety whenever I went to the apartment to pack.  I had to move furniture out in the rain down the stairs by myself and Good Will was closed so it was like