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Happy Thanksgiving Tarot Oracle Reading for Lightworker Aquarius: Waiting In A Bubble Of Love

Louise Hay Heart Thoughts, Osho Zen Tarot, The Faeries Oracle The Geeeeeooo card is all about keeping things in time with the bigger picture so that tells me that you've been wondering about time and how long you are going to have to wait for what you are waiting for.  Think of a kid who just had their amazing birthday celebration and now they can't wait for their next birthday so that they can be the center of attention again.  The Geeeeeooo card keeps us on track with manifesting in time with the highest good of not just you but for everyone involved.   I almost feel like with the Celebration card the Universe is trying to tell you to just enjoy the ride because whatever you are waiting for is going to take a long time.  It's going to take a long time because this isn't an instant manifestation situation.  Like the healing isn't going to heal overnight.  The Universe is making sure that the process is being respected. Our ascended master goddess gu