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Happy Thanksgiving Tarot Oracle Reading for Lightworker Leo: Accept It For Yourself

Louise Hay Heart Thoughts, Osho Zen Tarot, The Faeries Oracle The Laume card is about giving for the sake of giving.  It's like Spirit chooses human vessels to use to give to the people and you understand that "it" comes through you, not because of you, but because your job is to be the clearest highest instrument that you can be.  You already know this.  The Abundance card also showing that you are most in the flow when you are accepting of your giving nature.  This is a king card so it means that mastery of giving and manifestation is something that you know how to do easily.  Ascended Master Goddess Angel Louise Hay wants us to affirm "I accept all that I have created for myself."  This is a very cheeky affirmation because it aligns us with balanced receiving, balanced giving, giving only when you are guided to, not over identifying as the one who has to make things happen, and holding yourself accountable for the good and the bad that you have cr