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Happy Thanksgiving Tarot Oracle Reading for Lightworker Taurus: Dropping The Attitude

Louise Hay Heart Thoughts, Osho Zen Tarot, The Faeries Oracle The Green Woman comes with the attitude that she doesn't care what people think.  She doesn't care what they assume about the truth of her.  She just doesn't give any f---s and while that can be liberating it can also be a dangerous kind of rebellious mood that lives for the shock factor and not so much for the consequences. The Healing card shows me that you need energy healing to deal with the part of you that tells yourself that you don't care.  You are a lightworker Taurus and you know that people are reflections of who you are and so if you are dealing with the person who has no problem with showing they could care even less then you... I know that you don't want to get caught up in a energy game of "I'm not hurt, you can't hurt me," because the truth is that you do care and you do get hurt feelings. Ascended Master Louise Hay wants you to affirm that "I love an