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Dragon Card Oracle Message for Lightworker Virgo: Green Dragon Card

Dragon Oracle Cards I love the nature dragons.  I love the green.  He's got a key, an answer to a question that you will find if you take some time to meditate outside.  Connect to the earth.  Get grounded with nature and the blessed animals.  Be around people who care about the planet and environment. Become one of those people! Any answer that you are looking for can be found in nature. Everything that you need can be provided for with natural things. If you need love go and hug a dog or a tree.  If you want freedom go for a walk.  If you want health, get fresh air.  Bring nature inside with some potted plants and flowers.  Let the crystals and the flowers and the essential oils bring you into a higher vibration of wellness. Green dragons activate the 5D blueprint in our energy fields.  It can unblock the energy blocks. Sometimes slowing down with nature gives us the energy we need for when we have to speed up in life. The answer is simple Virgo. G