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Energy Oracle Card for Gemini: Creating a sacred space for higher vibrations.

  Spiritual Purpose and Support Hi Gemini, This is about your spiritual evolution and the path that you have been on.  Whatever it is that you have been going through is a part of the process of your higher good unfolding.  If you have been feeling like you haven't been on track it might be the negative ego voice playing tricks on you.  Deep down inside you know that everything happens for a reason and you can activate Higher Self consciousness at any time about anything you have questions about.  This card shows that your spirit guides and spirit ancestors are all willing to help you figure out how to help yourself.   To me a temple is a symbolic of a church or a holy place where people go to receive spiritual renewal and reset life priorities.  Your Higher self may be leading you to some community place, it doesn't have to be a church, but someplace where community members join and you feel connected again to society.  I remember going to a new age crystal store for years whe