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Energy Oracle Card Message for Cancer: Being in one Divine Mind

  Hi Cancer, Any issues around low energy levels, lack of meaningful purpose, and feeling scattered are going to be coming to an end because your spiritual team and angelic team are working to help you identify where you can make changes in your life, beliefs, and routines.  Archangel Chamuel heals emotional issues that cause us to feel disconnected from our Divine Selves and too aware of our ego selves.  We all know that we have an ego-mind that tries to understand what it can't possibly understand.  We also know that we have a Divine Mind that is always connected to all the solutions to all of the ego-mind's problems.  We know that bouncing back and forth between these two minds can cause a lot of mood swings.  With Chamuel's help, we realize that we get to decide that we want to be in one mind and it is the Divine Mind. Visualizing golden solar light coming into all your cells, DNA, and molecules will boost your life force levels.  Directing this golden solar light to st