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Daily Tarot: XIX. Emotions, Five of Earth, Nine of Water

Dreams of Gaia Tarot My intuitive take on this: This girl's higher self has come to her with two dragons that are able to transmute her lower energy and bring her back into a state of balance, clear thinking, clear emotions, and detachment.  All emotions are acknowledged here, the ups and the downs.  Even when we are in our Higher Self state we are aware that on some level there is an egoic part of ourselves that is ready to receive some healing. Normally opposites don't attract unless it's for the higher good that they do. We may become hyper aware of when we are repressing how we really feel.  Maybe we wish we had more freedom to answer honestly when people ask, "How are you doing?"  Maybe we don't know how we are feeling because we are feeling a lot of conflicting emotions at once or we can't feel anything because of a disconnect. The Five of Earth card shows a con-man who plays mind games in order to cheat people out of what is there's.  This is a