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Dragon Oracle Card Message for Lightworker Scorpio: Golden Solar Dragon Card

Dragon Oracle Cards This is healthy healed and healing masculine energy.  If you have been wounded by a weak dysfunctional distorted version of what Divine Masculine energy is supposed to be and what it is supposed to stand for then healing is here for you with the Golden Solar Dragons. I can identify with this. Usually the healing means that you become more aware of the positive light side of masculine energy in the world around you.  You may start stumbling across different kinds of awesome human beings who happen to be men on the internet- Youtube channels, social media networks, authors, actors, professionals- just really amazing human beings who happen to be men.  Watching and observing these kinds of people can have a healing effect because they show you something different from what you have known.  Boy Bands, all male groups, these kinds of things may start really popping up around you so be aware of it.  These dragons are from the SUN!  Wow.  Life givers.  Ar