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Dragon Oracle Card Message for Lightworker Pisces: Dark Blue Galactic Dragon

Dragon Oracle Cards This is cosmic energy coming in.  It's like a major arcana card in the tarot, not a minor.  It's one of four 9 level vibration cards in the deck so it is a rare.  This like joy, love, light, and wisdom in it's pure essence form.  It's like the dragon has seeds of 9th dimensional light and he's about to drop some of this into your consciousness so that you can grow a new belief system that will not only shift your life but change your life. Your celestial energy is about to triggered and activated.  For some of you it's going to be because a karmic cycle is done.  Some sh-- is done! This card means that ascended masters and buddhas are open to hearing you right now so make sure that you take some time to offer up some prayers and love offerings to the Universe.  Ask God for something big like peace on earth and enlightenment for all of humanity.  Underneath this card was the Source Dragon so this definitely means that Source is