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Dragon Oracle Card Message for Lightworker Leo: Golden Christed Dragon

Dragon Oracle Cards Normally in my meditations I absorb the Medicine Buddha light but today I'm going to consciously absorb Christed Light. Christ Light, Christ Love, Holy Spirit Love and Light, God Love AND Light, it's what feeds your spirit, your soul. Is your spirit hungry for something that isn't in this world?  Luckily every one has a connection to Source that is always providing that Spiritual Love And Light that our Spirits and Souls need. These dragons have huge golden energy fields.  Christ Light is from a ninth level dimension and even though this dragons are comfortable in a 5 dimensional energy they can reach all the way up the ninth and channeling it into the "very much lower realms" where we spend our daily consciousness.  For some reason they come to us around days of celebration, I guess because all the positive energy attracts them.  They also bring that Christ protection so that we can stay at 5th level in a 3D situation. Ch