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Dragon Oracle Card Message for Lightworker Gemini: Black Dragon From Saturn

Dragon Oracle Cards It's time to get organized Lightworker Gems.  Black Dragons come in when we need to pull our scattered and fragmented selves together so that we can get some work done.  This is a dragon that comes to balance out and empower the feminine energy.  Sometimes people get locked into a masculine energy loop where they look busy but they aren't actually moving anything forward.  They aren't having breakthroughs or revelations.  It's because there hasn't been enough black void womb-like feminine space.   These dragons are under the management of Archangel Gabriel, who comes in as a pure white light, so that shows the balancing of extreme energies. These dragons also bring the violet flame so they can burn away distracting thoughts and beliefs that take you away from what you should be focusing on. Basically you seem to be needing extra energetic support for focus and concentration.  This is about creating a plan, sticking with the plan,