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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Daily Tarot: XIX. Emotions, Five of Earth, Nine of Water

Dreams of Gaia Tarot

My intuitive take on this:
This girl's higher self has come to her with two dragons that are able to transmute her lower energy and bring her back into a state of balance, clear thinking, clear emotions, and detachment.  All emotions are acknowledged here, the ups and the downs.  Even when we are in our Higher Self state we are aware that on some level there is an egoic part of ourselves that is ready to receive some healing.
Normally opposites don't attract unless it's for the higher good that they do. We may become hyper aware of when we are repressing how we really feel.  Maybe we wish we had more freedom to answer honestly when people ask, "How are you doing?"  Maybe we don't know how we are feeling because we are feeling a lot of conflicting emotions at once or we can't feel anything because of a disconnect.

The Five of Earth card shows a con-man who plays mind games in order to cheat people out of what is there's.  This is a very egoic energy card.  So this could be someone in our life who knows we aren't doing well but maybe "he" tells you that your life is good, your basic needs are met, you have a good life so he can't understand why you are depressed.  This person may mean well but "he" doesn't see past the surface, or at the least he doesn't know how to say, "I know you aren't doing OK.  Can you try and be honest with me?"  This is the kind of person who sees us everyday, maybe even lives with us, and for some reason they can't seem to see that people are unhappy, that there is dysfunction in the air.

In the Nine of Water card, if you were to see the card super close up you would see that her third eye is open.  She's in a womblike space and is ready to rebirth herself and shift her emotional energy out of denial. This is about breaking an emotional pattern where we were on auto-pilot.  

What I see when I look at these cards is that very real and raw feelings are in need of expression.  Your Higher Self has not abandoned you but instead brought two fire dragon guides to clear all the very low frequency of functional depression.  It would be tempting to blame someone else for this emotional state but this is about taking accountability and owning our own power.  Even if someone around you isn't actually helping you by insisting that you are OK.  Your Higher Self has helped you to choose to come out of denial.  

I feel like there is a fear that someone around you, that they really don't care about you because they are tired of you not knowing why you aren't happy with your life.  I think they do care it's just it isn't their responsibility to do the inner work for you.  There's a fear that this person benefits from you being unable to stand in your power.  But it isn't their fault if you aren't. The Emotions card reminds me that it takes a higher consciousness to bring the solution because we can't find the answer with the consciousness that created the problem.  You may need to seek out someone who is able to bring that higher consciousness so that you can see the real truth.  The Nine of Water would say the truth is you can always rebirth yourself.  You can always begin to become what it is that you feel drawn to be.  If you want to be emotionally sorted out then set that as the intention.  Yes, figure out what your intention is first.  Then the Universe will begin to make you magnetic to that.

Maybe you want to be the kind of person who is in control of your emotions.  You don't want to be a slave to your moods.  The Nine of Water tells me to start small with better quality self care.  Spa baths, essential oils, looking in the mirror and working on liking who you see, start with basic self love.  Affirm that you are more then your feelings.

Love is here even if you can't feel it yet,
Jackie G.