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Daily Angel Card Message: Your healing power is becoming stronger.

Decks:  Crystal Medicine Oracle, The Angel Guide Oracle, Daily Crystal Inspiration Cards Divine Self please delete out of my subconscious mind: The fear of confrontation, of being assertive and having strong boundaries, all the times I followed my intuition and it led to some kind of loss, Delete the disconnect between me and my intuition, delete my 3D mind, delete all denial and effects of denial, and delete all obsessive thinking patterns. This subconscious clearing will clear trust issues with your soul level intuition.  Your guides will bring Divine Self consciousness in that will activate the healer mind.  You may find yourself being drawn to learning more about nature medicines like flower essences, crystals, herbs, and sage clearing. This download will also activate understanding of how to clear astral energy.   Your archangelic guides are acknowledging the increased inner work that you are doing.  This inner healing will create shifts and mini ascension downloads that will allo