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Crystal Reading Card Message for Lightworker Virgo: Crocoite, Cacozenite, and New Sexual Beginnings. Sounds Good Already Virgo.

Crystal Reading Cards Crocoite brings power to the sacral chakra and all things sacral chakra related.  Basically you will feel a rush of energy with some kind of new beginning.  The fire element comes in strong with this crystal so imagine that dragons come in with this stone.  Fire Dragons, as a symbol, bring the power to unblock a very blocked block.  Think of a blow torch versus a cigarette lighter.  The blocks are being burned away.  Any wounds connected with your sexual power are being brought up so that you can embrace a deeper self love.  Crocoite helps spiritual people to get more comfortable with their physical selves.   OK so lets talk about sex for a minute.  Sexual intimacy is a beautiful thing.  This stone will help you to get clear about what kind of relationship rules that you need in order to feel safe enough to have sexual intimacy.  You have to get really clear with yourself, so that you can be clear with others, about what it takes to get you into bed.