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Crystal Reading Cards Message for Lightworker Aquarius: Divine Temple, Rose Quartz, and Source

Crystal Reading Cards The Divine Temple crystal restores the power back to your Inner Child self.  A lifelong wound heals and you're shocked because you never thought it would happen.  A connection that you have been wishing for or fighting for becomes established so I see your walls coming down AND the other people involved lower their guard as well. There was a disconnect and it has been draining for you.  It's been very hard on you to have lost this connection.  The connection was lost because you have had to learn to either come out and be public about what and who you are.  The more you learn how to let yourself be seen for who you are and choose to drop the masks and take the guards down the more the connection comes back. It won't happen all at once.  More like each month a deeper layer gets released.  You are a very spiritually awakened person and it heals others to watch you grow.  It's like you are being watched by your audience and they know y