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Crystal Reading Cards Message for Lightworker Pisces: Ancient Wisdom Crystal, Black Tourmaline, and Protection

Crystal Reading Cards The Ancient Wisdom Crystal is showing up because you need to wake up Pisces.  I'm not saying that you are being protected from a reality check upside your head but you're being shielded from it so that it doesn't shock you as much as it possibly could. I'm annoyed so I think that must mean that you have been tuning out the spirit guide messages and you've been relying too much on the angels, saints, and buddhas to move all the blocks out of the way.  So something is going to happen that wakes you up and jolts you.  I hope you get that message. You need to be thinking about your life purpose, why you were born, taking responsibility for your own life, coming up with your own Master plan.   It's been time for you to ask yourself the big questions about what you are doing, or not doing, and why.  Yes you are protected however you need to pick up the pace with your lightworker mission. It starts with getting your health

Crystal Reading Cards Message for Lightworker Aquarius: Divine Temple, Rose Quartz, and Source

Crystal Reading Cards The Divine Temple crystal restores the power back to your Inner Child self.  A lifelong wound heals and you're shocked because you never thought it would happen.  A connection that you have been wishing for or fighting for becomes established so I see your walls coming down AND the other people involved lower their guard as well. There was a disconnect and it has been draining for you.  It's been very hard on you to have lost this connection.  The connection was lost because you have had to learn to either come out and be public about what and who you are.  The more you learn how to let yourself be seen for who you are and choose to drop the masks and take the guards down the more the connection comes back. It won't happen all at once.  More like each month a deeper layer gets released.  You are a very spiritually awakened person and it heals others to watch you grow.  It's like you are being watched by your audience and they know y

Crystal Reading Cards Message for Lightworker Capricorn: Herkimer Diamond, Calcite, and Dreamtime Manifestation

Crystal Reading Cards OK so the first things that jump out to me are: You are manifesting when you are laying in bed dwelling on whatever you are dwelling on. Your manifestations are happening faster then normal because of the fact that you have been lightworking in such a relaxed state lately. I feel like insomnia has happened because you cannot turn off your brain or you are really obsessing over someone or something. Make sure you focus on the solutions not the problems. I feel you are also doing a lot of subconscious healing during your sleep so that may be bringing on lucid dreaming, nightmares, or just very weird vivid dreams. Calcite comes in to bring relaxation to all of your over stimulation so that you can get some deep rest.  I feel that you are in an accelerated light activation and that is why you are needing more energetic relaxation, calmness, peace, and serenity. You want to take action with someone or something however you only want to take

Crystal Reading Cards Message for Lightworker Libra: Kyanite Blue, Ancient Wisdom Crystal, and Letting Go

Crystal Reading Cards Kyanite Blue is all about clearing blocks so that the power can flow like plugging in a wire and getting power.  Blue tells me that we are clearing out energy blocks to our inner peace.  It also tells me that we are sorting out our thoughts before we actually communicate anything.  I feel like the letting go is about choosing to just out yourself out there in some way so that you are visible.  For example, using bold fashion jewelry to stand out or using a bright shade of lipstick.  Hey, sometimes you have to put on your red boots to remind yourself who you are.  You're letting go of playing small. I feel like the Ancient Wisdom Crystal is telling you that you are in the process of some kind of deep subconscious energy download and it's going to take time for this light code to integrate into your conscious vibration and your physical life and that may be why you feel like you need to shake off this invisible feeling that you have. Your cla

Crystal Reading Card Message for Lightworker Cancer: Tiger Eye, Black Obsidian , and Courage

Crystal Reading Cards Your sacral and solar plexus chakras are needing some love, light, and peace.  You may be holding some stress in these areas and it would show up in your life as caring more about how other people are feeling, holding back from connection because you are holding back what you feel and what you want to do.  Instead of being a Peaceful Warrior for yourself you are more comfortable being the Peaceful Warrior for other people.  We need some re-established self respect here. Black Obsidian is coming in with the energy of positive anger to break through the stalemate.  Obsidian is lava so it helps you to find an outlet before the energy gets too pent up and explodes in misplaced anger.  It also dispels negative energy and psychic attack.  My feeling is that you are reacting to something that you are psychically picking up and that it is why it is a hard thing to confront.  If you are getting weird vibes from someone but they are choosing to tell you that eve

Crystal Reading Card Message for Lightworker Gemini: Stibnite, Calcite, and Conflict

Crystal Reading Cards Stibnite activates the crown and the root chakras for a real "as above, so below" experience.  It's time for looking at the conflict energy around you or that you have been keeping to yourself.  The whole point of Stibnites healing is to help you have the courage to look at what the conflict really is and then move through the energy block into a new way of viewing the entire situation.  Conflict is a sign that we need to take responsibility for the part we played.  We need to own that we have to be the change that we want to see.  For example, if you haven't spoken to the person you are having issues with then how are they supposed to know what is wrong?  How are they supposed to know what you are feeling?  If someone has broken some boundary with you how are they supposed to know the rules matter if you never stick to the rules?  If you sometimes let things slid and then sometimes hold people accountable how are they supposed to give yo