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Friday, June 26, 2020

Ascended Master Hilarion, Discernment, and intuitive love message for the lonely.

I often feel the thoughts coming into my mind asking about love and I, Jackie G, don't want to do love readings.  My guide 369 does though.  So I guess we are doing love energy readings now.  Let this be known as the day that I stopped resisting.

OK so I sense people who are wondering why love/soulmate/soul tribe people are not coming into their life even though deep in their hearts they yearn for such closeness.  They want the closeness of a deeply committed bond but not just from a lover, from soul friends too.  So what is the block?

Crysal Mandala Oracle, Whispers of Love Oracle, Angel Prayers Oracle Cards

Ascended Master Hilarion brings healing for the wound of what I call the drawbacks of multi-dimensionality.  That means that we know that people are complex.  People have layers.  They have masks and all kinds of sub-personalities and archetypes that run through them.  We know this because we are apart of the same system.  No one is one thing all the time.  We are a combination of elements trying to dial down through purification into one element and we can't be one thing because that isn't what we are.  

It's hard to love people because people change and stay the same all at the same time.  We're hard to love because of that.  Green Chrysoprase is the crytsal tool that we can use as flesh and blood human ego beings to bring in a 3D frequency of new love, new beginnings, and fresh energy into old things.

The Very Soon card shows that we know something is on the brink of manifesting.  It's so close you can taste it and when you end the day and the new person hasn't crossed your path you think, "Ok well maybe tomorrow."  It's like waiting for water to boil.  What you choose to do with the time it takes is up to you.  Some people do other things while they wait.  Some people literally do nothing and "sleep on it."  

We have two cards here showing the message for resting and sleeping.  This tells me that when you lay down and the day is over, that is when your mind stops thinking about "How can I do this or that or whatever?"  and your heart starts to say, "Here in the dark my mind can go to the one that I miss now."  I see telepathic bonding at night when you're supposed to be sleeping. I see astral traveling to the ones we miss in our lives.

Going back to the Master Hiliarion card I see that we are the ones who need to own that we wear a mask during the day.  When the sun is up we may be able to push away the love we wish we had.  When the moon is out and it's just us in bed we indulge in that wishing and telepathic bonding.  I think Master Hiliarion is healing these two parts of us.  He's helping us to stop being in split energy about the love we wish we had.  If there is someone who you- deep in your heart- you can't get them out of your head so you use your mind to feel them, then you may be resisting calling this person up and saying something that may sound ridiculous.  Like, "I love you but I don't know know why and I lack the communication skills to be able to talk to you about this too.  Sorry I ghosted you."

There may be layers of blocks here but one layer that we can easily dissolve right now is the one belief that we'll never find what we are looking for.  Take that sub-personality and dissolve it in the light of your Source Self.  Affirm, "What I am looking for is easy to find."  It's like when you are looking for car keys and then you find them in your purse.  Who you are looking for, they exist, and you will see them when you believe it.

I really hope that everyone finds their soul tribe and their soulmates.  I think this world would calm down if there were more moments of intimacy, vulnerability, and connection.

Jackie g. 369