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Ascended Master Hilarion, Discernment, and intuitive love message for the lonely.

I often feel the thoughts coming into my mind asking about love and I, Jackie G, don't want to do love readings.  My guide 369 does though.  So I guess we are doing love energy readings now.  Let this be known as the day that I stopped resisting. OK so I sense people who are wondering why love/soulmate/soul tribe people are not coming into their life even though deep in their hearts they yearn for such closeness.  They want the closeness of a deeply committed bond but not just from a lover, from soul friends too.  So what is the block? Crysal Mandala Oracle, Whispers of Love Oracle, Angel Prayers Oracle Cards Ascended Master Hilarion brings healing for the wound of what I call the drawbacks of multi-dimensionality.  That means that we know that people are complex.  People have layers.  They have masks and all kinds of sub-personalities and archetypes that run through them.  We know this because we are apart of the same system.  No one is one thing all the time.  We are a combinatio