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4/2/19 Work Your Light Oracle Card for Air Signs: Your Ascended Master Guides Are With You

Work Your Light Oracle Cards "What are you clinging to? Divine Orchestration.  Helpers in the subtle realms." You're going through a Tower Moment where it's like stuff is not working out instead of working out and you're like, "Universe, wtf with this?  I'm a good person with good karma." Usually a Tower Moment has to do with everyone involved in the situation so this may be happening for the spiritual benefit of someone else in the equation.  For example, maybe you always come to someone's rescue, The Tower Moment prevents you from taking away someone's higher lessons.  Let people learn even if it's the hard way. Tune yourself into the ascended masters and angels that are working with you in the 5D realm and call on them when you feel anxious or nervous.  They will bring you the spiritual information that you need in order to understand what you are doing in the middle of this situation. Love Light Peace, Jack