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Buddhism Reading Cards Message for my Buddha Lightworkers: Cultivating Determination.

Determination is the tenth virtue.   "It is you who must make the effort.  The master only points the way." Buddha Determination is a soul quality but it doesn't necessarily mean "efforting."  It's more of a state of mind of "I'll stay committed to this course of action because of the long term goal I'm in the process of creating." This is also different then being on auto pilot. It's not about wasting energy.  One can be on a diet for ten years and never lose weight.  Or being in the process of building prosperity consciousness but never create abundance.  Wise determination is when we stop and assess if our energy is actually doing what we are intending for it to do. Remember that in the Buddhist way the earth world is ruled by Mara, whose job is to make us believe that our illusions are the truth so that we keep wasting our time and energy.  Your life force is priceless.  It's like the gas in the car.  If our deluded ego selves a