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Dragon Oracle Card Message for Lightworker Sagittarius: Blue Dragon From The Pleiades

Dragon Oracle Cards OK Sag so you had the amazing Thor Dragons come out but since we had this card come out for one of the other signs I pulled another just so that we had some fresh energy. Thor's Dragons come in, with Archangel Gabriel's Divine White Light Flames, to get some blocks out the way, finally!  These one come in when other stuff hasn't been working.  It's like when someone is just working on something and they are running out of time and you just need to start speeding things up.  That's what Thor's Dragons do, they speed it up as that we can get to work. They bring the lightening and the thunder because something needs to change.  It's been needing to change for a while.  It's got a little bit of The Tower energy to it.  The Tower, in tarot, comes in with the reality checks, the information that comes to light, the words spoken that you can't take back.  You gotta own this sh--.  If it's you sh-- then own it.  If it